Beauty & spa holiday in the Bavarian Forest

Spa hotel in the Bavarian forest – regenerate and relax

Scholars in ancient Greece were already aware of it. And it’s no coincidence: cosmos stands for “arrange” and “decorate”. That’s why the word “cosmetics” arises from the word “cosmos”. Cosmetics are written in capital letters in our Bavarian Forest spa hotel - with attractive spa offerings for him and her.

Beneficial and vitalising experiences for body, spirit and soul.

Wellnesshotel Bayerischer Wald Bayern Hotel mit Hallenbad Wellnesspension am Nationalpark Bayerischer Wald

Our spa offering

Feel your soul in the wet element!

Spa means "sanitas per aquam" – health through water. Enjoy Spa in its nicest form and leave the daily grind behind you! Health is style, style is holiday and holiday is the Country Hotel Brandlhof.

Sauna & Wellness oasis

Finnish sauna heated up to 90° C with exterior window
Aroma steam, bath heated up to 50°, gentle heat with an aroma experience
Rest area equipped with relaxation couches and pleasant mood music
Rain and gush shower
Drinking water fountain, juice and fruit
Open daily from 1 pm to 6 pm

Take a dip in the indoor swimming pool with no time limit

Our heated indoor swimming pool with counter-current system, massage nozzles and neck gush is a true oasis of regeneration. Owing to its generous measurements the pool is also very suitable for sporty swimmers.
Swimming pool 29 °C – open daily from 7 am to 9 pm

Book your applications when reserving your room !!!


Face treatment “Classic”

Wellness in Bayern Cleaning, eyebrow correction, peeling, herbal vapour, face massage, mask, daily care.
approx. 60 min.

EUR 52,00

Face treatment “Deluxe”

Cleaning, eyebrow correction, eyelash & eyebrow dyeing, peeling, herbal vapour, ampule, mask, face massage, daily care.
approx. 75 min.

EUR 65,00


Aroma massage

Beneficial and relaxing, the aroma massage combines the art of massage with an unforgettable aroma experience. Essential oils in various aroma compositions wrap around your body and senses.
Partial body massage, about 30 min.
Whole body massage, about 60 min.

EUR 31,00

EUR 60,00

Bio Release Chan

TCM head and face massage. Harmonizes body, spirit and soul again. 30 min.

EUR 30,00

Aroma Chakra massage

This treatment is oriented to the 7 chakras. The energy wheels are reactivated with various aroma oils and precious stones. 60 min.

EUR 62,00

Breuss massage

The Breuss massage is suitable for regenerating the intervertebral discs. Muscle tensions and blockades are dissolved. 25 min.

EUR 30,00

Sport massage

The sport massage is a deep tissue massage. Strained muscle groups are relaxed again. 25 min.

EUR 30,00


Shiatsu is a deeply relaxing and highly effective finger pressure/energy massage that developed in Japan from the massage forms of traditional Chinese medicine. With gentle, deep-acting pressure along the meridians (energy lines), it excites the energy flow and thus also the self-healing powers of the body.
75 min.

EUR 70,00

Ear candle ritual with head energy massage

Special candles with essential oils are gently inserted into your ear and lit. The draught created by this loosens slag. 35 min.

EUR 40,00

Lomi Lomi Nui

Lomi Lomi Nui means “in the cradle of primal trust”. This temple massage helps you to let go of negative thoughts and feelings - in particular fears – and to release strong tensions. For women only. 90 min.

EUR 100,00

Hot-stone massage

Bayern Wellness und Beauty Landhotel Warm stones glide over the body and dissolve even persistent tensions and points of pain. You feel the beneficial heat and the force of the stones right into the inside of your body.

Whole body, approx. 75 min.

Part body, approx. 30 min.

EUR 80,00

EUR 40,00

Singing bowl massage

Wellness Hotel in Freyung-GrafenauSinging bowls generate oscillations. Their sound dissolves blockages and muscle cramp. The whole body is relaxed and the energy centres are harmonised. 30 min.

EUR 30,00

Honey massage with head energy massage

A cure from old Russia for the deep cleansing of the connective tissue and the joints. Ideal with migraine, tension, chronic tiredness and for detoxification. Approx. 30 min.

EUR 32,00

Salt-oil peeling

Tautens the connective tissue, cares for the skin and reduces water accumulation in the body. Whole body treatment, approx. 75 min.

75,00 Euro

Whole body massage peeling

For tautening the skin; stimulates the flow of lymph and counteracts cellulite. Approx 75 min.

75,00 Euro


Kaash foot massage

In the Kaash massage the soles of the feet are massaged with valuable precious metal singing bowls and Thriphala balsam. You will feel like you’re floating on clouds! Especially positive for the eyes and sleeping disorders. 30 min.

EUR 30,00

Cosmetic foot care

If you want to feel like you’re walking on clouds…
then we’ve got just the right thing for you! Stimulating foot bath, removal of hard skin, correction and formation of the nails, cleaning of the cuticles and a relaxing foot massage. Approx. 45 min.

with varnish

EUR 28,00

EUR 33,00

Additional treatments

Ladies' facial hair removal with hot wax Upper lip EUR 8,00
Depilation with warm wax  
Legs up to the knee EUR 20,00
Legs / thighs EUR 35,00
Eyebrow correction EUR 7,00
Eyebrow dyeing EUR 8,00
Eyelash dyeing EUR 10,00